London, United Kingdom
Feb 14, 2022
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Updated December 2011 To see a lot more of my images, click on the link to my main portfolio site, at the bottom right of this page. Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio, and scrolling this far down. I'm continually looking for opportunities to expand my experience in all areas of my photography. Having worked extensively in the studio during the last three years, I'm particularly interested in breaking out of the studio, and carrying out collaborations in new and different places, both indoors and out. I have a particular interest in retro styled/lit images, and contemporary fashion. Experienced models When I can, I'll be providing paid work for any experienced models I request to work with. I'm also happy do diiscuss tfcd with any experienced model who likes the style of my work, and feels I have something to contribute to their portfolio. Unless the model particularly wishes to do their own makeup, I work with a Make Up Artist in all instances. I discovered very early on that having a decent MUA in attendance makes a huge amount of difference to a session, so I use MUA's in all sittings. Aspiring models For new/aspiring models, I'm happy to discuss portfolio shoots. If you have no images or references, however, whilst happy to do the shoot, I would anticipate the model covering the cost of the studio or location, and a professional make up artist of my choosing. The cost would, however, be much cheaper what you'd pay for a hasty rushed shoot at one of the many 'model experience' studios, but with much more studio time, a lot more time devoted to high quality images, at least two or three distinct looks, and at least eight or nine high res images for no extra charge at the end of the shoot. OMalley A few half decent tear sheets, primarily: H&E Monthly Professional Photographer The Chap and a tiny thing in Chat that you needed a microscope to see.

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