London, United Kingdom
Jul 16, 2023
I am a professional writer and use my photography to illustrate and promote my books, also magazine articles. Most of this work involves nudity and fetish themes. I usually need specific pictures, often at short notice, and will advertise. These shoots will always be paid. I also need stock photographs for long term projects, again fetish related. Models are welcome to get in touch, although generally I prefer to work with people I already know. These shoots can be paid or TF. I've been a keen amateur all my life and enjoy experimental projects, especially those involving Gothic or Steampunk themes, symmetry, water and anything unusual. If you enjoy my work and would like to collaborate, please get in touch. I'm happy to cover reasonable expenses and to provide copies of all images, but I will only pay a fee if I intend to use the pictures commercially. PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR PAID SHOOTS ALMOST EVERYTHING I DO INVOLVES AT LEAST PARTIAL NUDITY AND MAY BE USED TO ILLUSTRATE EROTIC MATERIAL FOR GENERAL DISTRIBUTION. My work has appeared on several book covers, including Beastly Behaviour by myself as Aishling Morgan and City Maid, both written for Random House's Nexus Imprint, while my two guides, Naughty! and How to be Bad, are both extensively illustrated with my own photographs. I've also had illustrated articles published in a number of magazines, taken photographs of several models for their agency portfolios and supplied technical pictures for a range of purposes. Props - An extensive wardrobe of female Victorian clothing, including dresses in a wide variety of styles and sizes, splitters and other underwear. Complete sets of harness for pony-girls, along with accessories, also for puppies & piggies. Rope, chain etc, with which I am reasonably proficient. Flags, peacock feathers, a stuffed alligator, a pony-girl cart, jeroboams etc, a cassock, assorted whips and canes, various uniforms, and most importantly a somewhat peculiar imagination. Oh, and if you want a Santa Claus, pick me. I have the outfit, and I look like him.

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