Camberley, United Kingdom
Oct 9, 2019
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Working with an experience.. hopefully a rewarding one. I always give 100% to every shoot I do which normally involves alot of bouncing around to, .. apparently more than a kangeroo on a pogo stick :o/ However please take a few minutes to read the stuff below (which continues through all the sections) before deciding to contact me :) TFCD I see TF* as a opportunity to work creatively with models, stylists and MUA's. The whole point of these shoots is to have fun experimenting with idea's, different lighting, poses etc. As a result, I'm looking for a handful of images that make a difference to our respective portfolios....which also means if the shot exists in my portfolio I'm unlikely to want to recreate it for yours unless we're doing something different for mine to. I've been asked many times to shoot an entire fully edited portfolio on a TF* basis. Thankfully I've now removed "mug" from my forehead. And so some pointers.. 1/ TF* is NOT free! You are being paid (or "payed" if you prefer!) in IMAGES! It kinda works like this. We all equally give our time in the studio/location etc etc. Beyond that there's at least a days ( or several ) worth of solid effort in post shoot work, the end result of which is a handful of images. (or a couple from each "set" we do) These are sent by email or CD but in either event I've now Paid ("payed") you in images. (unbelievably, they DO have a value!) Another way of looking at this is... Models receive "something" from the photographer after the shoot.. the photographer receives "nothing" back (for the additional time/effort/cost in producing this work) (CONT below!) 2/ Travel expenses: If I travel to a shoot (and I do regulary commute miles to work with the right people) I expect that there is a cost to me involved, and accept it. I've never asked for travel expenses and don't quite understand it when I'm asked to pay for a models travel. There is some strange misconception that all models are poor and all photographers are loaded! 3/ Release forms: These are not a legal requirement in this country, If I ask for one to be signed it is because mine also sets out what both parties will receive in compensation from a TF shoot. 4/ Copyright: Copyright will always remain with Progressive Photograhy. You are free to use the images to promote yourself on the web, in your portfolio or to agencies/clients. You are not however entitled to sell or publish directly or through 3rd party media without written permission. There is no grey area in this. Copyright belongs to the photographer unless sold on, and even then it is on a licence to use basis. 5/ Sale of Images: Although I think its "not cricket" to sell images from a TF* shoot, since I have already paid ("payed") in images I *may* wish to recover some of my costs by selling images we create. However, I never set out on a TF* shoot with the intention of selling. If I plan a series of images I wish to sell I would pay the model/s for their time and not worry about providing images post shoot. 6/ Cancellations: If you need to cancel or rebook our shoot please try and give me a reasonable amount of notice. I have a book of excuses for last minute cancellations from models which you're very welcome to borrow and come up with something new. If I have booked a studio for our shoot you will be contractually obliged to compensate me from the cancellation costs of hiring the studio. This is normally 50% of the studio's rate. The more notice you give me, the more chance I have of finding a replacement and not having to pass on the studio's bill. (Cont below) 7/ Jaffa cakes: In accordance with NM law I'm happy to provide all the jaffa cakes you can eat in the 2 minute break you get while shooting with me. ( ok 2 minutes every 10 minutes as I head for the coffee pot ;) ) 8/ At the time of shooting you are welcome

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