Crediton, United Kingdom
Sep 9, 2021
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[u][b]DUE TO THE COVID-19 ISSUES AND BEING AN OLD FART I AM SUSPENDING ALL SHOOTS UNTIL MID-JUNE[/b][/u] I specialise in serious-minded photoart. I have been described as "The master of the dark image" by a very eminent erotic photographic artist. I make hand-bound, leather-cased, gilded books and employ van Dyke processes to print on Arche and similar fine water-colour papers. I shoot silver and digital and produce archive quality prints up to A2. I am particularly interested in shooting pornographic subject matter as an attempt at fine-art. I do not make any claims about being successful with this. You be the judge of that. I am mind-numbingly serious about it, though. I can bore the pants off you! I am VERY strict about levels. My Rule One is sacred. [b]NO ONE DOES ANYTHING THEY ARE NOT COMPLETELY HAPPY TO DO. [/b]I am too decrepit to chase you and too old to remember what to do if I were to catch you! Especially interested in models who dance or do gymnastics or have circus skills. ALL DESE LADIESES IS TELLING FIBS. I AM NOT NICE, I AM GRUMPY AND LECHEROUS AND I SMELL NASTY!!! I NIK THEIR JAFFA CAKES AN ALL. Sigh, so many girlies to fall in love with, so much supervision from the wife! I am always interested in the odd or unusual. Both in terms of shoots or business propositions. If you have a proposition which makes you think, "No one will every go for that." Try me! If anyone will, I might. CHAPERONES: I prefer to work one-to-one but if that makes the model uncomfortable I will accept a chaperon. Again my preference is for that not to be the boyfriend but I will accept him if that is important to the model. At all times I hold the model accountable for the chaperone's behaviour.. Experienced medical-forensic photographer. I used to make a lot of money out of failed plastic surgery. Think about it ladies!! You are probably lovely enough as you are. Want more busty substances? Why? How many more do you want? You will look silly with 5 tits! WHO BUT A JAZZMUSICIAN COULD SAY OF BRIDGITTE BARDOT, "MAN, WHAT KEY IS SHE IN?" Look for me on Adult Folio if you like. Username jeromerazoir.

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