Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Mar 19, 2012
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************************* I'm Interested in slim, attractive females for portrait work. I shoot very close intimate crops most of the time which only suits models that look after themself and pay close attention to their makeup, hair, eyebrows etc... I'm not interested in timewasters, diva wannabes or no shows. I like models to act professionally regardless of their experience, to be realistic in their expectations and above all else to be creative - if your idea of a shoot is to just turn up and get your picture taken then you are not for me. I work regularly with Cheltenham based MUA Kate Gordon; if you are interested in a collaboration with both Kate and myself please get in touch. ************************* Professional Imagemaker Magazine - Spring 2010 Local Gloucestershire Papers (incl. Citizen & Echo) World of Photography Issue 1 W of P iPad App (December 2010) Winner of Net-Models BPOTD (12 June 2011) A 26 year old Scottish photographer, based in Cheltenham. A real passion for portrait photography, always on the look out for something new & exciting and love working with new people. I pride myself in my “let’s give it a bash” type attitude… if it doesn’t work then “delete” and move on. I'm friendly, enthusiastic and I love what I do... If you haven't had fun on our photoshoot then I have failed miserably. As an amateur photographer and I do what I do for the passion of creating the image, so please do not SPAM me with your rates. I get a ridiculous amount of these emails and they don't go anywhere other than the bin. I do not pay the models that I work with nor do I pay their travelling expenses, likewise they do not pay me and I don't expect them to pay my travelling expenses. Note: If there is a large amount of travelling involved and we are both keen to work with each other, I am open to helping with the costs. I'm not a grumpy old git all the time... Communication: I am happy to discuss shoots initially through email, facebook, text or PM; however prior to the shoot I would like to speak to you on the phone. Chaperones: You don't need one. My interest is in taking your photograph. If you don't feel 100% comfortable working with me then your mum or boyfriend standing over my shoulder is not going to help matters. Chaperones get in the way, they are distracting and they will make you feel self-conscious. This is non-negotiable. I do get a bit frustrated by being messed about, not listening to the requirements of a shoot or flaking on me is a sure way of ensuring I never work with you again. However if you are interested in working with me please get in touch. I am always looking to shoot more and more and no matter how busy I am I will always try to find an available date for us to shoot. Send me an email - the worst I can say is a polite "no thankyou"... Scott[b]Watson[/b]

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