Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Feb 24, 2020
I am a semi pro Lady photographer, photo editor and experienced model. I have predominantly shot live band performances and promotional content for bands where I have had numerous international publications. However I am wanting to flex my creative muscle and improve my skill and knowledge base through taking on new and exciting challenges.     I am a colour junkie, I love vibrant colours and contrasts. so if you're looking for something vibrant then I am the photographer for you.     I am obsessed with Waterhouse, the 1970’s and films like Legend and the Labyrinth, Vintage and Retro style and fashion  I now work on a limited and selective TF basis, However...  Please send me a message if you would like to work with me on a TF basis only. you will get to choose up to 10 edits plus any additional I choose within 1 week of the shoot unless stated otherwise Please do not edit my photos once I have edited them for you!     Please DO NOT contact me with your rates unless you’re touring in my area and you’re on my WLTWW list, I consider unprompted emails spam. If I am seeking to pay a model I will contact you directly asking for your rates.    I have previously shot fetish and Gothic models but I want to explore a wider range this time round as a photographer.   Concepts I am especially interested in:   *Model couple for dance themed shoot  * Pre Raphaelite and Renaissance, Gothic, Gowns, Avant-Garde.  * Fetish - Latex or Tight lacing Corsets  * Beauty - stylish make up themes and concepts   * Asian Beauty + Bridal   * Boudoir ( with pretty lingerie )  * Erotica ( in an emotional sense)  * FHM style glamour  * Urbex/Grunge   * Nudes in Landscapes  * Fashion in city  * Alternative Fashions, Dyed Hair and especially heavily tattooed models   * Happy to be contacted by models who will be in my area ( Hastings, Brighton, Eastbourne + Worthing )  * Happy to duo shoot with other photographers on a shoot and assist basis.  * Happy to have model and MUA's/Stylist's input. * Happy to do collaborative exchange with other model-photographers.  * Chaperones welcome but they will be asked to assist, please mention this prior to shoot.   *Happy to offer accommodation to touring models in return for photoshoot.     All Bookings will be confirmed with an exchange of phone numbers and booked into the PP calendar to avoid any confusion.    Photo Editing: I offer a photo editing service of £8 per edit

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