I am being an idiot ??

I am so used to copy / paste that I am at a loss on how to upload an image from my PC to a forum or competition. I can upload to my profile and I can upload from my profile, but when it comes to taking an image that is not already on my profile by clicking on the 'image' icon I am asked for a URL 😱. Where is the URL in question. The image resides in .....my pc > pictures > 1234 ..Help please 😕

Right think I have got what yopu mean. You cannot simply upload an image to the competition forum on its own. Either the images needs to be in your portfolio here or it needs to be on teh internet somwhere you can point to. In my case and Thunder we have websites/servers we can upload the image to then locate the URL. If you do not want the image on your portfolio here then you need some other way to host online. You could use Dropbox or Google Photos perhaps. Or indeed you get some storage with Adobe Photoshop too. All of these have a sharing option that will allow you to copy the link needed to post on here, though in the case of Google it seems right click copy image location works, the proper way not so much! This makes use of that little landscape icon option [img]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/mcvyWjXZQvGrYffIiXNm9oK-PYKeg3x4CXhyjz8aLTxrGCcM3Yv7BFMZP4yaEdEp757y5XZOSIdtxQMdTHqydtlPcCvcSzn3YWQGIltCD4fef40t6ESiOuODf1BpNR-50dqTwpcgwzpC_cvtrdTMpGzF8Q-P_lGL98pzlsqV4ib4kkBkt4WpenqXntN5H_4yI5SPJzFuQwsu-FTQyqSLZzl946qr8M3-n34LgJp5MuJtWCW-Gw1ajJD4SbXLAHIITm0bjrxJTbwVNmshFKMBZ1wqE2b6dC5jn4hSq2mqggh_tA1UBJWe14uX2BCA9peGpxEi5VJOZhmfbQ_bMeRG0abGLdRK8uPzAXwwwO8sGIp3jNwoucqFT4gNi1B75B-NmLWIYaYDTPc-j_yq0PmCY1LNXnwMb2CT5RFMDksWERNHncJGqwEwY7FFZVKHRIELtDuBOk88Bd8HAtUeTiQQnBpFyMviJZYuHvNr-VpEIcXgkRLBwJbj8c-teEGZJeY9pvldhayIz3DczLkHGnTTp7Xl9HzN1L6eltonfy3pW_uSd8_kJTA3ofndTc97cx-Tx1O-YCFT5dHzz3zG-3EBQmTzuISBw0BNdvabQ8K8OEI4Sp7yjzO3ShvLNcPLA0c031sBK9rXiGqSQiaIkc8yGp1k8qgi6pO5Id2mUalgD40WdHtHYGEnpAjubfbL=w683-h910-no[/img]  

Thank guys. That explains everything 😃  Stay safe 😋

Hahaha! 😂😂🤣🤣

If I dont want to put the competition image on my portfolio here I upload the image into a private folder on another well known portfolio hosting site (so it doesn't show on there either) and then copy the URL from there: works a treat.  

Interesting, for that version is indeed the one I uploaded to a 'so called ' private album last week: I had an earlier edit that I published five years ago but it is not that one.  Of course you may have been able to copy the image from my post on here.  

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