How do you motivate yourself?

What are your motivation tips to keep going on with some things you are tired of or not interested in anymore but you have to keep going and finish them? Like a boring project or a great laundry day, haha :-)

Motivation is my struggle. I lose interest in things rather quickly and then I have to force myself to keep doing something I have to do. I know about a psychological trick that my mom tried once: you have to visualize the things you want to achieve by making a collage of pictures with these things. Then you put it on the wall or somewhere else so that you would see it rather often. It supposed to remind you about your goals... Idk, my mom has a special collage maker on her laptop so I did it, too, and printed it out, etc, but I can't say it worked for me, I just got used to it and payed no attention to it lol. But some people (my mum included) really find this trick to be useful. In case you are one of those, [url=]this[/url] is a soft she used  I just found out that for me works another way: I keep telling myself I have to do something and then I do it. There is no other way around for me.

[quote][i][b]CatherineV[/b] wrote:[/i] ....or a great laundry day,...[/quote] Love this bit! If there was an event in the Olympics for procrastination, I would have been bringing home gold every time! In my defence I will say that I am better than I used to be mainly since running my own business. It's not all glamorous locations and travel! There is a lot of really mundane stuff that has to be done if you want to stay in business. A trick I use is, where possible break the jobs up in to small chunks. So I may have the laundry to sort but I'll slot that between checking some pics doing some editing. That way I know the painful, boring stuff is for a defined period and then there is some good stuff to get on with. It breaks the day up before real boredom sets in. Some of my editing work can be quite repititious so then I may have some music on or my favourites, radio drama and talking books. If it's a complicated edit, I have no radio or distractions but the challenge of the edit is usually enough to keep me from getting bored. The one boring thing that I really can't handle is the book keeping and admin side of the business. Years ago I decided that it was worth the money to have a business manager. I discuss policy matters with him and cost jobs for invoicing, then he does the rest leaving me more time to do the things I enjoy. I don't need him full time and indeed he is freelance working for several people, so not expensive like having employees.  

Worst thing for me is the - 'to do list' If anything will put me off doing something it's the - 'to do list' Beelzebub must have thought that one up?

I'm extremely lucky in that I rarely ever have to motivate myself when it comes to doing creative stuff like shooting self-portraits, assisting with mood boards, styling clothes & sets, drawing, crafting props, etc. - it all sorta just happens.. but I do sometimes sruggle on physical motivation like exercise, especially during the winter months when all I want to do is hibernate. I find Vitamin D supplements during the colder months, and more proteins and complex carbs help my energy levels in that respect.

I still have a lot of ideas I want to try but I am now officially "geriatric", so that motivates me to do things while I still can!

[quote][i][b]Ace[/b] wrote:[/i] I still have a lot of ideas I want to try but I am now officially "geriatric", so that motivates me to do things while I still can!  [/quote] I don't know if it's age, health or both Ace. I certainly find that some days it's difficult to get going. Even if I make a list of things I need to do, I get sidetracked or can't be bothered. On the other hand very few people are motivated all the time. I think it ebbs and flows for us mere mortals who are not in over achiever leagues. It's funny how one day everything is difficult and there are problems and other days things run like clockwork!

Eyes wide open and absorb everyting like a sponge... curiosity.

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