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Natasha  [img][/img]


Thanks for the entries, time for more till 10pm this evening ,Thursday after that, please send me your votes.

Thanks for your votes, which were: Roland Rock voted for [b]PeterD[/b] GPImaging and RussB voted for [b]Solveman[/b] PeterD, ChasC and Solveman voted for[b] RussB[/b], giving him yet another win! Very well done that man!  🏆👑 [img][/img] Off we go again, please post your entries now. The comp will start with LadyLodi5's shot which was too late and missed the cut for the last comp, so it starts this one. 😁

Thanks for the votes guys.  My next entry is a natural light lingerie shot of Chloe T. [img][/img]

A natural light image of Sultry Queen [image]1379281[/image]

Natural light and lingerie. [img][/img]

Natural light and lingerie  [img][/img]

That was a very quick turn round guys! Thank-you, I'm still catching up. Please send me your votes now.  

Catching up with the votes whilst taking a break from my Christmas rush of shoots! PeterD and ChasC voted for [b]RussB[/b] RussB, Solveman, GPImaging and Roland Rock all voted [b]PeterD[/b] our winner today. 🏆 Well done [b]PeterD[/b]! [img][/img] It's too cold to go out, so stay in, look through your archives and post another entry now! 😁  


Black and white plus tattoos: graveyard baby + vampire pricess [img][/img]

I can follow suit with black and white with tattoos 🙂 [img][/img]

A striking set of entries so far and thanks for them. Time for more till 10pm UTC today, Monday. After that, please send me your votes.

The votes are in and... Roland Rock and PeterD voted for [b]ChasC[/b] RussB, ChasC and Solveman voted for [b]PeterD[/b] giving him two wins in a row. 😀 [img][/img] Another round begins, please post your entries now. [i]All are welcome to take part in posting entries and/or voting in this not too serious competition. The rules are in the 1st post of this thread. [/i]  


Corrugated iron theme? [img][/img]

A corregated air raid shelter [image]1319936[/image]


You guys amaze me, who else would establish "corrugated" as a theme!!! Well done all and thanks for the entries, which means it's time to send your votes to me please.

We have just enough votes to move on, thanks for them. Soveman voted for [b]RussB[/b] ChasC and Roland Rock voted for [b]GPImaging[/b], who wins today.  😊 [img][/img] Rolling on, it's time to post your next entry. 📩

Alice in the coffee shop [image]1387649[/image]

No coffee, will tea do? [img][/img]

Stacey Jane enjoying a cup of coffee  [img][/img]  

Thanks for the entries, I see PeterD dived under the 10pm cut off wire with 1 minute to spare!  So that means we have 3 entries before 10pm and can therefore go to voting. Please send me your votes.  🙏

Showing 3675 to 3700 of 3787 posts.

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