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Model Alphabet Game

Here is one for models and photographers. Post a pic of a model whose name begins with the next letter in the alphabet. I'll start with a shot of Ashlea Louise May. You can post an image of a model also beginning with A or the next letter B... and so on. [image]1258724[/image]  

Araneae Mactans at Balcombe Viaduct [img][/img]

Acknowledgement to Ace for introducing me to the thread. A little self-promotion BladeBitten - taken at JoLi Studios, Colchester [image]1370832[/image]  

As it's nearly Christmas Brook Logan taken at Fenland Studios in 2013. [img][/img]

Bex [img][/img] Best wishes, [b][i]Kevin[/i][/b]

C! Cara [img][/img] Carly-Marie [img][/img] Charlie [img][/img] And Chazz [img][/img]   Best wishes, [b][i]Kevin[/i][/b]

I have got at least  24 different models whose names begin with C (there will probably be more from groupshoots to add). Here is Cheryl Elizabeth who was my sponsored model at one of the Studland Bay House events.  I remember being annoyed at the time taken before our first shot due to MUA delays but as time has passed it was probably worth it. [img][/img]

We could be on C for a long time... but that's OK😀 Here is Oona [b]C[/b]oman who came in to do a shoot for a spray tanning service a few years back. [image]1386723[/image] Keep the Cs coming! 😊

Candice Simmons , then modelling under the name Narmi (the reverse of her boyfriend's name). This was my very first model shoot and was at a Jessops 'Introduction to Glamour and Figure Photography' training course held at their Leicester store. [img][/img] [img][/img]

Charlie [image]1383315[/image]

One of Cassie taken at Chic Studio in Wakefield 18 years ago ! [img][/img]

Carla Monaco  [img][/img][img][/img]

And another one of Carla Monaco  [img][/img]

Cath Faza [img][/img]

This is Claire and the last of the initial "C" for now... anyone got some "D"s? [img][/img]

Here's Danica. [img][/img]

Emma Willis  [img][/img]

Ecce aka Eleanor [img][/img]

Emma Lou [img][/img]

Fires Secret  [img][/img]

Faye Taylor [img][/img]

[image]1346786[/image]. Fraya

Another model named Freya  [img][/img]

Moving on to "G" Gemma [image]1349096[/image] If you have another "G" please post now. If you have an "H" please post that and we move on.

Gin Cundy [img][/img]

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