Which Editing Software Do You Use?

As the title says, which editing software do you use for still images and for video work? Do you use any at all? I ask because I do my editing image using the rented version of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop but know a lot of people don't like or can't justify the regular Adobe fee. So what are good alternatives? I have used Serif's Affinity products and know them to be good. My problem is that after 20 + years of using Adobe; any small differences in Affinity feel very alien to me and slow my workflow.  I'm really interested to know how much other people edit and how they go about it. What do you use for Video? I'm looking to do some YouTube work and have used Adobe Premiere but for the small amount of video editing I'm likely to do, the cost of Premiere is not worth it.  Are there any good free programs for YouTube editing? Look forward to hearing about your solutions.

Like you, I use Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. My preferred route is to avoid Lightroom because I dislike the catalog system, and instead I use a combination of Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop. The development engine in Camera Raw is identical to Lightroom Classic, apart from the position of menu items on the screen, so these days I do almost all of my editing in Camera Raw. Photoshop is reserved for the few things I think it does better. I don't do any video work at all, so I can't help with that.   Best wishes, [b][i]Kevin[/i][/b]

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