Hi I'm new here

Hi I'm new here, how do you like my portfolio so far, what should I work on?

Hi Mocha_Love, welcome to the site and joining us. It really depends on what types of modelling you want to do. As the old saying goes "If you show what you've done, you'll get more of the same.Β  If you show what you can do, you'll get what you want". If you are happy sticking to your present glamour styles, that's fine but say you wanted to add Fashion to the mix. You would need to research how fashions shots are put together and then plan and do some testΒ  fashion shoots. I hope that gives you some ideas and come back and show us some new shots. Good luck!

Welcome from me too Mocha, if you need any help with the site, please just ask. We are a friendly bunch. 😁

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