[Sticky] Portfolio Critiques Guidelines.

<b>This forum is intended for those seeking advice on improving their Net-Model portfolio.</b> If you are critiquing a portfolio, please do so in a courteous, constructive, and professional manner. <b>It is not for advertisement, broadcasting, or spamming of your website.</b> These types of posts will be deleted without notification. Flames or unprofessional responses will be not be tolerated. Contact the moderator if you have any questions regarding this forum.

Hi Hannah Your portflio here is limited at the moment with only 3 pictures, but this is understandable if you are just starting out. Your pictures show you have an excellent figure with good skin, but I suggest adding a few pictures that focus more on your face. If you have nothing else, then a few selfies of your face from your phone would be fine to give photographers a better idea of your look. Good luck and best wishes, and welcome to Net-Model Best wishes, [b][i]Kevin[/i][/b]

If you are serious about modelling, you need to show your face... simples really.  

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