Southampton, United Kingdom
Sep 6, 2016
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I work across pretty much the full range of genres, I particulary like night shoots under ambient lighting, particularly street lighting. I prefer to create an image with a strong narrative feel rather than glamour. That said I do attempt to cover most genres simply for the fun. I am always open to ideas and suggestions. If you want to work with me Fridays are usually good as are weekends. Mondays - Thurdsdays are usually out but depend on other work commitments. Timetable does frequently change, so please check. Several Gallery shows and workshops in this country and abroad. Working as a University lecturer in Southampton (media, not photography). I try to keep a selection of work on FlickR, http://www.flickr.com/photos/ben_hill, I also make use of Facebook under the Portsmouth network. I have no preference to age, gender or skin colour although some projects do require that the model suits the theme I am happy to shoot any model for portfolio who is prepared to make the effort. I usually have access to some very nice indoor locations for shoots which I like to utilize to avoid the 'studio feel'. These locations tend to be very last minute conformations (48 hours) booking wise so a sense of humour on last minute details or changes helps. All TFCD shoots are under the terms that all edited images are presented to the model via web. The model is then able to download high res versions for their own portfolio. If you want a CD just post me a blank CD in packaging in a self addressed envelope. The photos you get on the CD will be exactly the same as those available on the web. Usually you and I give up our time for free unless agreed otherwise. Studio fees, props and MUA fees are split 50/50 with the model although I do my best to make sure there are no costs and nothing is arranged without your agreement first if it involves money. I retain copyright on all images although you the model are free (encouraged) to use them for your own publicity. If you see a commercial avenue please follow it, in consultation with me. I do not send unedited pictures to the model and I do not send a CD with all the images on, only edited. Shooting with me is done under the knowledge that your images may go on to be exhibited either in this country or abroad unless agreed otherwise.

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