Jun 11, 2020
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Hello, I’m Matt Miller I’m a dilettante, I make pictures from time to time which is why I have been erroneously accused of being a photographer by the unimaginative. I am not like any other photographer, I am random, forgetful, and unprofessional, I firmly believe that photography is the only pursuit in life that requires no skill, knowledge or aptitude, in fact having these things are actually a hindrance in the creation of images, That said, I am also a massive hypocrite and I’m happy to impart my dubious knowledge to anyone who wants to buy me a pint or attend one of my tuition days. Photography for me is entertainment, that’s not to say I don’t earn any money from it, the fact I do just reinforces the irony, other reasons for me dabbling with photography include a healthy obsession with boobies and I like going to the parties. If you want to work with me you will need to be suitable for my current project (see below) or if you are not, catch me when I’m in a good mood, whim takes a major role in choosing who I work with, A good rule of thumb is the less suitable you think you are the more suitable you probably are, if everyone wants to work with you already its highly likely I wont work with you simply because it amuses me to be contrary. I only generally do TFP with friends, if you want to TF with me you need to get to know me first, meet me at a social and buy me a drink, I’m a pushover then and will probably agree to anything. For everyone else you will have to pay, my services are very reasonable and I accept almost any currency from Macaroons to Danish pastries. I rarely contact models, If I have contacted you, it generally means in my opinion there is something unique about you, I don't go to the effort of contacting anyone unless I am really serious about working with them. Widely published ... mostly without my permission I currently don't have any projects in the works because I am too lazy to think of anything, that means if you have a good idea for a project you think I may be suitable for, now is the time to ask. Please note: I don't do "Tasteful", second chances and expenses. Chaperones are ok as long as they can make tea, carry bags, hold lights or carry out any other menial and possibly humiliating task I can think of. Oh, and one last thing: I will absolutely not work with arsekissers under any circumstances.

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