Winnipeg, Canada
May 4, 2012
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I am emigrating to Canada permanently in December 2010, so I am keen to talk to, make friends and network with any Canadian photographers, (especially) models, MUAs and designers, specifically, though not exclusively in the Winnipeg MB area. While in Canada, I am planning to set up a registered studio, so an array of props (no guitars - grr), sets and backdrops should be available in due course. Group shoots, model/studio days and networking events are on the cards, as well as studio rental. As a side note to this, to all models in the UK, I am no longer taking bookings for shoots. However, I shall be interested in maintaining communication with the UK model/photographer community, as I shall be revisiting the UK regularly. Also to all the Models and Photographers I have befriended over the years, you are most welcome to visit and stay in Canada, and I'll make sure you're fed and watered (or wiskeyed). Those I have worked with and have promised a follow-up shoot before I leave, I will endeavor to make time for. May 21st 2010 pages 4of5 and 5of5 Of the models I work with, all I ask is that you have or are of the following: * a sense of humor (and adventure if on location). * committed, to at least our shoot, if not to modeling professionally. * excellent standards of hygiene and grooming. * over 18 (models under 18 will be considered if accompanied by a parent or guardian). Please take note, but not offense of this, I want a result for our day together as much for your benefit as mine. As a photographer I am/will * treat all models with professional courtesy. * be prompt in all communications. * supply you with the fully edited web and print-sized images promised within 7-10 days of the shoot. * smoke and drink alot of tea. As a photographer I will NOT * ask anyone to shoot outside their levels, so rest assured. * smoke around you if you specifically ask me not to. I have no problem with chaperones, however i insist the chaperone be discussed in advance, and if they become a distraction or hindrance at any time I will politely ask them to leave the immediate area/room before I continue on with the shoot. Tattoos and piercings; Great, it's by and large meaningful and part of your character, and it's exactly that, character, I want to capture in my work. If you want to check out my website (follow the link below), if you haven't already, you'll see some more of what I've been up to. *** NEW *** NEW I am expecting to emigrate to Canada on a permanent basis around June/July 2010, so I am keen to talk to, make friends and network with any Canadian photographers and (especially) models, specifically, though not exclusively in the Winnipeg MB area. I am looking into studio premises in Canada currently and I am willing to discuss options where non Canadian models can travel to Canada for shoots. I will not be offering travel expenses, although accommodation can be arranged for selected models.

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