Ruislip, United Kingdom
Apr 11, 2024
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Following a series of bad experiences I am no longer engaged in model photography. It was something I did for fun and the fun has gone out of it. I will leave the profile here in case I decide to return to it - but I doubt it. I used to be one of the managers of a London studio and did a lot of test shoots and portfolio work for newcomers so I am used to helping new models find their feet. I still enjoy the fresh approach you get from working with someone new to modeling but I don't mind being a lazy sod and letting an experienced model do all the hard work for me either. My model shots have featured in The Sport,Alt Fashion magazine, Devolution Magazine and on a range of websites. Please note that I do not work with under 18 models - on any type of project. This is no reflection on the quality of junior models here - many of whom are excellent - it is just a practical decision to simplify things for me. Chaperones - I have worked with chaperones in the past and some have been a pleasure to deal with - others have not or their involvement has complicated organising the shoots. In the interests of keeping life simple I do not do shoots involving chaperones any longer. I have over 60 references here and anyone planning to work with me is welcome to ask any of the people on the list for an honest view. No shows/last minute cancellations. Though I do photography purely for fun that doesn't mean I don't don't take it seriously or put effort into preparing for shoots - so no shows or last minute cancellations are a major hassle and take a lot of the enjoyment out of it for me. I now have a "one strike and you're out" policy. I do not reschedule shoots with people who no show on me or cancel at the last minute with inadequate reasons.

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