Durham, United Kingdom
Jan 2, 2020
Eye color
Hair color
168 lbs / 76 kgs / 12 st
44" D
Worked With (4)
Latest news CD cover soon Jimmys End Alan moore film Still NOT taking assignments unless it is interesting and no game players please SEE ME AT RANKIN LIVE - RANKIN wanted 1,000 people aged 13 and over to help create a unique photographic record of Britain in the 21st century I was chosen as on eof those 1000. Sunday Times, Time Out- London, Daily Mail, Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Red Scream, Sunday Mirror, News of the World Devolution, Penthouses Forum twice, Bitter Sweet Visions, Biteme, Unscene, Donimac Radio Times,Whats in Tv, TV Easy, Total TV Guide, TV & Satallite, Real People, Heat, etc CD cover Elmosexwhistle Asphyxia, London Bound - M Varley, True Selves -Jan Murphy, Sirens - John Dupret, Weak 13, Decedo Requiem Featured in Exhibition Expo 2006, 2007, 2008, Passion 2007, Devine image machine, Rankin live 2009 Modelled for Nikita Sablier, Doghead Accesories, Tightshop Germany, Cherry Pie, Tokyo Royale, Alternative Emporium, Elviras Closet, Ferrari Di Cassina, Monster Boutique, Slinky skin, Overt clothing, Fashion shows & perfomances Tim ShawS Asylum Kerrang 05 & 06 Ceaser Secrets Nails 06 Welcome to the Machine Fashion Show 07 Elviras Closet Slipland 08 40s fashion Devolution fashion show Tokyo Royale xmas 08 Festival of Sins Pride 08 Teen Boundaries with Lizze Cundy & Nik Ede - Project catwalk 08 Nikita Sablier I am a rough cut diamond with many facets. What you see is what you get and some. I started to model just to show old fat girls can do it to and it kinda snowballed. Note I DO NOT SUFFER FOOLS I have had dead fish in my mouth for an image, Climbed mountains in the hymalayas, balled busted for fun, Met Elle macpherson on the Friday night project as her relative, compared tattoos with Gok Wan, quaffed champers with my darling Dicky, had a long comfortable ride on a yak then ate him for tea, Had my arse twiddled with by Ben Dover, Been naked with Trinny and Suzanna, Been up in a plane and held the control TIGHT and oh yes modelled too. I am not the typical model I am a performer, I have a sense of humour as well as drive and determination. I push past the barriers and show what can be done if you really want it I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many netmodel photgraphers, models, and MUAs please see references NOT NM Photographers highly recommeded Mitch Jenkins Rankin - yes the real one Matt Christie BJ AKA Overlord X Neil Dawson Alex Ingram Richard Bradbury Gary Salter For OK magazine For the Mirror China Hamilton x 3, Cheirodon x 3 Claire Elliot Steve Stanford Kev Toone H Fricker(GEA Paul Callaby Ray Leaning(GEA) John Paul Ballard (GEA) Andrew Crowley HAIR Richard Ward for Tv programme STYLIST Loane from MO AM Victoria Cumming MTV Gok Wan Maverick TV MUA Rankin style team pimp MUA Sue Moxley Mua_Kerosene kirka verinen Julia Bell Tian Xu, China for Stag night of the Dead Di Dakin Valerie Saint-Amand, Paris Vijay cherrylips Kirston Piggott (MTV) Makeups artists on Maverick TV sfx22 Steve Douch Midsomor Murders MUA

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