High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Feb 22, 2021
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135 lbs / 61 kgs
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Hello and thank you for viewing my profile! I have been described as creative, unique, friendly, eccentric and slightly geeky all of these character attributes may be true, but one thing I would say about myself is I'm open minded and would attempt most idea's suggested. I always try to approach most situations with a positive attitude and I aim to utilize this attitude in every photo-shoot I do. I'm very reliable, I will never 'no show' and I always try to avoid cancelling shoots. I have two small tattoos, one on my left ankle and the other is on my right thigh. I also have 5 piercings in my ears, one of my piercings is stretched to 12mm. All can be removed and covered up if required. My features include naturally thick curly red hair, fair/ clear skin, freckles, a photogenic face with defined facial features and high cheek bones. Contact me for details on my rates I'm always happy to negotiate a deal! I do not work to adult and explicit levels When booking a shoot with me I will need to know the following: [b]The location of the shoot[/b]- I don’t drive however I'm happy to travel by public transport. I have a net-work rail card so I can get up to a 3rd off train fare. I may require my travel expenses to be paid for depending on the distance. [b]Compensation[/b]- I'm a full time model so I tend to work for pay only. [b]Ideas [/b]- I'm happy to discuss Ideas or themes you have in mind for the shoot [b]References[/b]- I do not bring a long chaperon's to shoots, so references will need to be provided or if you have no references then we could arrange to work at a studio with a manager or assistant present. If a[b] make-up artist[/b] is going to be booked for the shoot- I don’t have qualification in Make-up art or hair styling, however I can do my own hair and make-up and I'm also happy to work with a MUA's, hairstylists and wardrobe stylists etc. I do photographic and life modelling so if any artists or photographers are interest in booking me then feel free to get in touch. [b] Tour information and Studio days 2014[/b] 16th Studio day Hallam Mill Stockport - (Some slots available) 12th Studio day Eyebox Studio Bristol - (Slots available) 13th - 19th April - South West - Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucester and surrounding areas 26th April - Fine and DanDee Studio day (4 morning slots available) 5th - 9th June - Germany tour 24th - 28th June - Northern Ireland tour with Melissa Tongue [b]Publications and exhibitions[/b] * January 2014 'Go-lites e-cigarettes' Promotional commercial publication- Hampshire, Uk * December 2013 - 'Hansomes Jewellery' Promotional commercial publication- Reading UK * October 2013 - 'Signare' - Promotional commercial publication- Reading, UK * October 2013 - 'Imaan Collection' - Promotional commercial publications- Reading, Uk * December 2012 - February 2013: Fitting and Presentation modelling- M&S retail, Edgware Road, London, UK * October 2012- January 2013 : Fitting and Presentation modelling - Select retail- London, UK * April 2012- ITV/West country Maunsell house- Somerset, UK. * September 2011- Exhibition featured image- 'Circles Study' (Raymondo Marcus Photographer) Buckinghamshire, Uk * January 2011- Modelled for JML-direct 'Pampered toes' (Producer Ella Green) London, UK * November 2010- Modelled for 'Face Shape make-up' (MUA Lauren Dunn) London, UK * August 2010- Modelled for 'Burlesque pin-up' underwear & corsets (Photographer Steve Hart) Slough, Uk * September 2009- Modelled for an Exhibition titled 'Angles with dirty faces' (Photographer Alistair Morrison) Ascot, UK. * September 2007 - Film Extra- Feature Film 'Telstar' (directer Nick Moran), London, UK

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