Crawley, United Kingdom
Jun 12, 2020
Worked With (11)
I'm principally interested in creating images inspired by mythology ,Victorian neoclassical art, modern fantasy illustrators, gothic films and early epic cinema. The images involve combining people, specially made sets, costumes, props, miniatures and the occasional computer generated bit. I am looking to work with people who can act out a role to fit into a previsualised image or improvise on a theme. As I don't use other peoples stock photographs, producing all the elements of an image can take time and as this is something I often have very little of so the number of final images produced can be quite small and appear a long time after a shoot. Although an amateur I've had numerous images published including in the Sunday Times Magazine. My main portfolio is at I've been a keen photographer for over 35 years, and have been producing digital images for nearly 15 years. I have a degree in the technical side of photography and am an L.R.P.S.. My work involves producing images for other people, my still photography is where I try to be creative for myself. The digital images involve so much work beyond the initial shoot (creating the backgrounds etc) I can't do commissioned work or tfp/cd. Some of my models are friends and acquaintances, or their friends. I've worked with the following people who are (or have been) on Net Model: Sakara(many times) LadyD (many times) Ookami (many times) Isabella(many times) Jadedred (x2) Tattered Alice Rayne Kerosene Nikkia (x3) Fletcherskitty Khandie_Khisses Selene xCloverx Jenkins Tidal Kitten Aprilpink Hamdir Araminta GemmaineBaughurst AlexiaB Rita Damper Sexycurls Night Phoenix (x3) Ophelia Golding Eva J Karn Wild Rose Angelickitten AnnieMoya Esperanza AnnaPhoenix Lydiajs Lucifera Clockwork Phee(x2) Dashee Art smithy1991 KatieLabett Annabelle Evie Wolfe(x2) Liliana(x2) Ursulla Grace Penny Dreadful Tibby Muldoon EllieFoxx Pollyanna Hale RaphaellaLily I only work with models over 18 years old and have little or no time to do portfolio development work. I am, however, very keen to hear from people who "get" what I do and would like to be involved and models are always welcome to use finished images for their portfolio.

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