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This competition is derived from the much loved competition devised by Circles Of Confusion. Welcome and enjoy! :-) [b]What's the comp about?[/b] This is not a photographic competition where the best technical shot wins. It is the photograph, painting, drawing or artwork which grabs you. It could be technically flawed but have that "something" which makes you like it. [b]How does it work?[/b] Post any picture or photograph you like on any subject provided it is your own work and fits the image limitations of the site. The competition needs a minimum of 3 entries to run. If there are not enough entries on day one we roll over till we have 3 entries. Once we have 3 entries the comp is open for more entries till 9pm UK time on the same day. Do not post further entries till the winner is announced. A minimum of 3 votes is required to reach a winner. If we do not have enough votes on day one we roll over till we have 3 votes. Once the winner is announced, the competition starts again. [b]Voting [/b] Voting is at 10pm UK time on the day there are 3 or more entries. After 10pm please personal message your vote to me, putting "vote" and the name of your choice in the title of the message. This helps me collate the votes easily and quickly. Votes from all NM members are welcome. Entrants are requested to vote but not for themselves. [b]Theme[/b]s are an optional extra bit of fun often related to the subject matter of the first entry. They are not part of the judging process and you are not marked down if you don't follow the theme. Not everyone has images to match the theme so you can post any image. [b]If you win[/b] Please post a brief thank-you to your voters. Please do not post your winning image again. Please do not enter the same picture in the comp for at least one month [b]Image Flow[/b] So that the images for one competition can be seen easily together [b]please only post the following[/b] 1) Picture entries for the competition. 2) Brief "Thanks for my win" messages 3) Messages from the competition admin. Definitely no chat, banter, vote or query posts. If you have any queries about the competition please send me a personal message. If you are unsure of where we are in the competition please read my last post on these pages which will tell you when to post entries and vote etc. I look forward to your entries and wish you good luck with them. :-) [b]Revision 22/04/20 1. Till further notice the non model image rule has been relaxed. As model shoots have stopped due to Corona Virus extending the range of images seems a sensible idea. Non model images are subject to the usual, being the copyright of the poster, legal, decent and honest. 2. The maximum "model level" for this thread is artistic nude. That is artistic with no sexual bias or theme. [/b] Thanks, Ace

Lulu Lockhart [img][/img] ================================== Quid est veritas

Tara [b][i]Kevin[/i][/b][img][/img]

Ashleigh. [img][/img]

An old one of Opal Rose:[img][/img]

A nice set of entries to kick us off, thank=you! Please send your votes to me now. :-) Anyone can vote, entrants are requested to vote but not for themselves. [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

Richard's Lund's image of Lulu Lockhart

Thanks for your votes and taking part in the new comp. :-) GPImaging voted for [b]PEP[/b] Richard_Lund voted for[b] Solveman[/b] jkmtyro, Driftwood, Solveman and ChasC for [b]Richard_Lund[/b] making our first 3X3 winner! Well done[b] Richard_Lund[/b] [img][/img] [b] And the next competition starts, please post your entries now.[/b] [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

Berlimey two comps out of three, I had better ease up a bit or the hit-man will be after me !! ;-) Thanks tho guys ! it is much appreciated. ================================== Quid est veritas

Going with an outdoor theme. [img][/img]

I'll try this[img][/img]

Thanks for the entries, we are past the magic 3 mark so open for more entries till 9pmUK time tonight Tuesday and then please send your votes to me by personal message. :-) [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

from a Portfolio shoot on the Island of Crete[img][/img]

It's vote time! Please post me your votes in a pm. Anyone can vote, entrants are requested to vote but not for themselves. :-) [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

Thanks for the entries and votes, here are the results. :-) PEP voted for [b]ChasC[/b] Katie Todd voted fro [b]JayBee[/b] JayBee and GPImaging voted for [b]Solveman[/b] jkmtyro, Roland Rock and ChasC voted for [b]PEP[/b] so he is our winner! Well done[b] PEP[/b] [img][/img] [b] And we're off! Please post your entries now. [/b] :-) [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

I don't have any beaches but I can do outdoor and sunny. [img][/img]

The lovely Annabelle[img][/img]

...well, on the coast, at least. [img][/img]

Another good set of entries. :-) [b]Open for more entries till 9pm UK Thursday and then please vote by direct message to me. Thanks[/b] [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

Thanks for the votes which came in over night. :-) Roland Rock voted for [b]jkmtyro[/b] JayBee voted for [b]Solveman[/b] PEP, ChasC and jkmtyro voted for [b]JayBee[/b] our latest winner, well done [b]JayBee[/b] :-) [img][/img] [b] Please post your entries for the next competition now. Any subject you like and there is the option to pick and follow a theme...or not. :-) [/b] [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

Thanks, all ! Very flattered that you liked the image ! kick off the next round I'll go with this, from the same portfolio shoot...[img][/img]

Discreetly lowered top. [img][/img]

Here's one from me, Rosie Flame...[img][/img]

[b]Thanks for the entries, open for more till 9pm UK time today Friday and then please send me your votes by personal message. Thank-you. :-) [/b] [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

As returning officer for this competition I thank you for the votes and the results are as follows. :-) Roland Rock voted for [b]jkmtyro[/b] Solveman voted for [b]ChasC[/b] JayBee, PEP and ChasC voted for [b]PeterBirch[/b] Our winner and a welcome return to [b]Peter Birch[/b] [img][/img] [b] The comp rolls on, please post your images now.[/b] :-) [i]Ace, Ace baby! on[/i] [url][/url]

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